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Brooke (Bobbie-Jean Henning) and Amy (Alexandra Keddie) are ready for the Olympics (Photo: Emily Hart - A Little Bit Snappy)

Athletically challenged cousin-best-friends Brooke and Amy Bland have always loved the Olympics but have never been able to find the time to compete. But 2020 is their year! All they have to do now is figure out which iconic sport will with bring them the gold medal.


Join the documentary crew as we follow these Olympic hopefuls on their journey to Tokyo. 

Most only imagine Olympic glory, but Brooke and Amy are actually doing it…kinda.

The Power of the Dream is an Australian 6 x 8 minute comedy mockumentary series written and created by Alexandra Keddie & Bobbie Jean Henning, Directed by Meg Ham and Produced by Elise McCann starring Bobbie-Jean Henning, Alexandra Keddie and Christina O’Neill and featuring eight time Olympic medalist Susie O’Neill. It follows athletically challenged cousin-best-friends Amy and Brooke Bland as they train for the Tokyo 2020 Games.  

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