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Chips & Gravy's first series, The Housemate is a 6-part short form series that was released on ABC iView in 2018 and was co-commissioned by ABC and Screen Australia. Definitely not based on The Bachelor, The Housemate is a mock-reality series where Alex and Gemma get to know a number of potential housemates, narrowing them down to hopefully find the housemate of their dreams. 

Chips & Gravy Film’s first project began as a Facebook teaser. Within its first week of release it had received 260k views and 5k comments - proving to be a hit among millennials. After finding immediate success online, the series was quickly picked up by ABC and Screen Australia. It has since been picked up by ABC Commercial and has been distributed to the likes of Virgin Australia airlines as well as international platforms, including the Canadian Broadcasting company (CBC).  

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