she becomes her 

She Becomes Her is a short form musical anthology series created by Alexandra Keddie that follows a Melbourne woman called Harriet through the gendered moments that have shaped her life. Starting from the moment she enters the world - She Becomes Her is an all-singing all-dancing absurd comedy that uncovers the ways in which our modern society informs our gender identity.


She Becomes Her was funded for development by Screen Australia in 2019. This series was created and written by Alexandra Keddie, developed by Alexandra Keddie, Mia Morrissey and Harry Morrissey with Music and Lyrics by Jude Perl and Vidya Makan with Professor Amanda Keddie acting as gender theory consultant. With special thanks to Riley Sutton and Bobbie-Jean Henning.


From left to right: Mia Morrissey, Alexandra Keddie and Harry Morrissey (Photo: Ashleigh Dondio)