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As emerging creatives, we know how hard it can be to navigate this industry and get advice on what to do next. We're excited to offer affordable and practical advice and assistance to help you get your scripts, projects or career to the next level! Our strengths lie predominantly in short form - whether that's script editing services on short form scripts, or advice on how to get your online series to the next stage. We have also worked on a number of half hour shows, and can offer notes and feedback on longer form scripts.


What we offer

  • Scripts editing services

  • Editing and assistance with putting together pitch documents

  • Budget support

  • Marketing support 

  • Project Specific Consultation (How to get your project to the next stage)

  • General Career Consultations (Career advice and how to navigate the industry)


Our services are offered by either Alexandra Keddie, Gemma Bird Matheson or Clare Ellen O'Connor, depending on availability and what you're specifically looking for.



Costs start at $50/hr for consultations and vary depending on what you need. We're happy to negotiate something that works for you because, at the end of the day, our goal is to empower emerging creatives to get their work seen and made.


Shoot us an email to or fill out our contact form here.


"Early on in the development for my short when I felt quite isolated in finding funding, Alex really helped me find innovative and clever ways to achieve my goals. As an emerging filmmaker, the film industry can feel quite daunting but Through this process I’ve learnt the power in asking for things as often people want to help. Chips and Gravy wants to help and are creating community as they go, a real inspiration for the future of the film industry'


- Claudia Bailey 

"I booked in a consultation with Alex to help me put together a pitch application and it was the best decision I made. Alex was so kind and insightful during the whole process and made sure I had everything I needed to move in the right direction and succeed. I was so lost and felt like a headless chicken before and after the consultation I felt like I could conquer the world! These girls are the real deal. Don't second guess it, book that consultation!" 


"Alex is quite simply amazing, crystallising my ungrounded ramblings into something concrete and achievable. Her ability to help me see my work from the perspective of the industry has been a total game changer. I leave every session with her more excited and confident about the project. It’s been a dream!"



​"It can feel like a huge beast when starting out, so having the Chips and Gravy experience to deepen my understanding of the vastness that is the industry as a whole has been fab!"




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