Marketing Manager and Producers' Assistant

Clare is a performer with a flair for all things marketing and producing. 

She began her journey into the world of producing when she decided to write a show called Plucked!. She discovered a bunch of new passions she never knew she had and decided to start a production company called Rhinestone Rebel Presents. Since then she has made it her mission to become the ultimate producing and marketing sponge, soaking up all things to do with the glorious art that is getting bums on seats and eyes on a show. 

She is stoked to be working alongside the Chips & Gravy team. Partly because of the fact that she has many fond memories of eating chips and gravy at the local mini mart next door to her high school, but mainly because she wholeheartedly believes in what these beautiful humans are creating. It is her goal to get as many people familiar with these works as possible because, and it may be naive and idealistic, she genuinely believes it will make the world a more tolerant and peaceful place to live. 



Fave show: Sex Education/Bluey

Fave film: Christmas Movies. Elf. The Grinch. I love Christmas and my favourite past time is watching Christmas movies!  

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