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Marketing Manager and Producers' Attachment

Clare is passionate about all things marketing and producing new work for theatre and film. Her background is in performing, having worked as a professional singer since she was 16. However, since producing Plucked!, a comedy cabaret for Adelaide Fringe back in 2019, she found that she loved working behind the scenes just as much as being in the spotlight! 

Clare loves being a part of the Chips & Gravy Team. Partly because of the fact that she has many fond memories of eating chips and gravy at the local mini mart next door to her high school, but mainly because she can hardly believe her luck to have found a team of people who are equal parts talented, supportive, kind, driven and fun. 

Clare has lots of hands-on experience in marketing and producing for theatre with her company Rhinestone Rebel Presents, however she is loving gaining some experience in the world of screen, having recently worked as Marketing Manager on The Power of The Dream for Chips & Gravy Films, following it up with Me & Her(pes) later in 2021. 



Fave show: Never Have I Ever/Bluey

Fave film: Late Night 

(I love Mindy Kaling)

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