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chips & Gravy

Chips & Gravy Films is a Melbourne AND Sydney based production company led by Alexandra Keddie and Gemma Bird Matheson, who are committed to making work that champions people from marginalised groups for TV, film and online.


Alexandra and Gemma met in an acting class in 2015 and bonded over their shared love of  immediate email responses and deep fried potato products. It was a creative partnership that they thought only existed in fairy-tales. Before too long… Chips & Gravy Films was born. 

Their first production The Housemate was borne out of Alexandra and Gemma’s shared love for The Bachelor and shared experience of horrific housemate stories. Their self-produced and self-funded pilot was released on Facebook in late 2017 and received over 270k views in under a week. After  being shared by thousands over the world wide web, the concept was given glowing reviews by both and Junkee and even had a shout from Osher Gunsberg! It was after this success that the show was quickly commissioned by ABC and Screen Australia for a fully funded series. The Housemate, the series, was released in late-2018 on ABC iView and distributed internationally through ABC Commercial. Since then, Chips & Gravy Films has seen four more short form projects go into development through Screen Australia, two of which have been funded for production again by Screen Australia with both going into production and being released in 2021.

Alexandra and Gemma are both hugely passionate about telling Australian stories, particularly ones that represent and reflect the diversity within Australia. It’s their goal to tell stories that start conversations whilst being wholly engaging and entertaining. Chips & Gravy Films endeavours to engage with the many facets of diversity, both  on and off camera, to ensure that their stories are being told by those who have a personal and direct relationship with the subject matter. 

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