50 shades of black (girl) 

50 SHADES OF BLACK (girl) is an online dramedy series about learning to be happy in your own skin… literally. This show is an exploration of what it means to be black in Australia; how to marry cultural identity with the identity of the country in which you live; and the need for community, whoever you are and wherever you are from. 


When perpetually anxious Hanna is mistaken for another, more successful black musician at a gig, she and her best friend Bonnie conduct an experiment to find out just what else they can get by pretending to be another person of colour - with unexpected results. 

50 SHADES OF BLACK (girl) received Development Funding from Screen Australia and was chosen as one of the ten projects for Screen Australia and SBS’ DIGITAL ORIGINALS initiative. This series was created by Gemma Bird Matheson and has been developed by Gemma Bird Matheson, Ratidzo Mambo and Lizzie Cater and script-edited by Connor van Vuuren.

Digital Originals participants with Anna Dokoza and Ryan O'Connell (Photo: John McRae)

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